Santa Socks in September

I’ve been suffering from analysis paralysis.

When I was in the dark days of studying for the bar exam, I obsessed over the birth of this blog. Planning an imminent blog creation gave my tortured mind a chance to escape to a happy place – an imaginary place filled with endless cups of coffee and hours of writing (for FUN, imagine that!) on my new Mac as I chuckled with glee at my wit. I set up preliminary daily reminders on my husband’s phone to ensure that he would never miss a post. I couldn’t wait to wake up early on the morning after the bar exam to create my very first blog entry!

It’s been over a month now. And no blog posts. Not. One.

My excuse? Well, for one thing – I had forgotten how grand life is when you don’t have to study 24/7! I emerged from my law school/bar exam cave of the last three years, bleary-eyed and awkward, to be reintroduced into society. My friends and family marveled at how much less annoying I was when I wasn’t buried under stress and studying.

[Side note: A lot has happened since I exited the world stage three years ago. I just found out yesterday about twerking. From my husband. Who was reading a tongue-in-cheek article to me about how to educate your elderly parents about twerking, to which I replied, “What is twerking?” I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such deep disappointment on his face. I’ve watched the YouTube video on “How to Twerk” a few dozen times today and I can’t wait to show off my skills when he gets home.]

But I digress. In those sleepless nights of studying, when I entertained myself by creating fake blog posts in my mind, I imagined my first blog post to be shockingly witty. Problem: the part of my brain responsible for side-splitting comments apparently died in the bar exam test center. Which is why I haven’t started this much-anticipated (by me, not you…) blog until now.

Today, I decided it’s Now or Never. So although my post may be a little (a lot) lamer than I imagined, and my writing scene may be less idyllic than I had envisioned [1: I’m wearing Santa Clause socks – my only clean pair after just returning from a long trip through chilly and lovely Canada; 2: I have a kitchen knife and Mace on my inspirational writing desk from when the shower repairmen were here earlier today – a girl can never be too careful] – it’s DONE. It can only get better, right?

I think I just realized the best part about blogging: no one is reading this, and yet I can pretend that everyone is.

Until next time (practice makes perfect),



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