Better Than Nick Lachey


Oh snap. My husband is making my dreams come true. As usual. This time, he is fulfilling my fantasy Nick-and-Jessica-The-Newlywed-Show-style. No, this is not about Lasik surgery or Chicken of the Sea. No, this is about….the surprise romantic getaway. You remember that episode too, right? Of course you do. We all do. 

My husband is the only other person I know who suffers from the same infection of voracious wanderlust that I do. We obsessively travel the world together. But, as a true modern man, my husband does not plan trips without consulting me. In fact, one of our favorite activities is trip planning; dreaming up and crafting our future escapades is just delicious.

However, I have always harbored a quite traditional desire to be whisked away and taken on a surprise getaway. For fun. Not because I’m being kidnapped. 

IT’S HAPPENING. As a you-graduated-from-law-school-and-wow-you-passed-the-bar-exam treat, my husband is kindly indulging a wish that I have audibly whispered at every birthday in his presence. (Once we got married, I traded in my standard I wish to be a beautiful princess someday for this one. I’m sticking with this kid forever so unless we have some serious genealogy surprises waiting for us, I have made my peace with my permanent status as a commoner. Because I’m still living in a real-life fairy tale with him. And you never know, I’ve still got that First Woman President wish in my back pocket.) 

I don’t know any details, except that the secret getaway is in November. He’s planning it, he’s packing for me, and I just have to show up. I have purposely turned off my Sherlock Holmes + Nancy Drew-like investigative powers. I love surprises, but I am rarely surprised. Maybe that’s why I love them so much. 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {virtual scream of excitement}

For your viewing pleasure, I have included the referenced clips from The Newlywed Show. I want to hug the lovely person who took the time to painstakingly upload numerous segments of this show to Youtube so that I could re-live 2003-2005 all over again. 

And watching this again – I miss them together. I really do.

Nick and Jessica – Romantic Dinner & Romantic Getaway Part 1

Nick and Jessica – Romantic Dinner & Romantic Getaway Part 2


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