Why does tea tree oil smell so bad?

Oh hey! Wow it’s been months since I have posted on here. It’s been so long that I had to reset my password to log back in. Although to be fair, I have to do that for sites that I visit on a regular basis too. Since I am ever the privacy freak, I use different passwords for literally every website and in trying to fool any would-be identity thieves, I find that I am too smart for myself.

It has been so long and so much has happened, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess a quick summary of the past few months would look like this: extreme Chiberia, trying to escape from Chiberia as much as possible, coming back to Chiberia and hating Chiberia and swearing this is my last winter here, and then getting insanely excited at the first whiff of spring weather and forgetting Chiberia ever happened. There have been some really difficult things, dealing with some family sadness, and also going through my own personal medical battles – but this is a fun blog and I don’t feel like going into those things right now. It’s been a heck of a few months and I am ready for spring! And so so so ready for summer. Like beyond ready.

I don’t think Chicago has ever been so ready for summer. I’m actually kinda terrified of the insanity that is going to ensue and I am already stockpiling wine so that I don’t have to venture out into the fray.

This post is horribly written, partly because I am clearly rusty, and partly because I just realized that when you post on the ipad, you have limited editing capabilities. So this is raw. This is real.

I’m going to end this now because 1) I have said nothing substantive whatsoever and have alienated half my readership, if they are even still out there (“yeah she’s lost her touch”) and 2) I applied tea tree oil to my face shortly before this post and my eyes are streaming tears more than when I watched Titanic for the first time. I know this stuff is supposed to work wonders, but they should put a gigantic warning on the bottle that you shouldn’t plan on having contact with any humans for 24 hours after application because you smell like an old-timey apothecary. And not the cool vintage ones that are cropping up in all of our city hoods, but the serious kind where there is a guy in a leather apron who has just brewed up an ointment for gangrene.

So let me just say that I am looking forward to resuming my nonsensical postings and I will be back sooner than later.

Until next time,



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