I Just Downed A Bottle of Chardonnay. By Myself. I Hate Chardonnay. That’s the Kind of Week This Has Been.

Don’t sign me up for AA just yet – When I say “bottle” I mean “glass” and when I say “by myself” I mean with four friends. Or do I…

Let me shamelessly dive into my first-world problems head first.

Last week, my hottie husband and I vacationed in heaven. Literally. The only explanation for the perfection of our location was that I must have been in a coma and had one of those Heaven is For Real experiences. White sand, turquoise waters, delicious temperatures, mouth-watering food, and beautiful locals. Plus a 2-month-old puppy just happened to be a fellow guest at our hotel, and obviously we became best friends.

And now we are back in Chicago, where after a brief tease of 70 degree temps, it is cold and rainy. Still. I am in the inevitable post-vacation depression where I can’t think about anything except being on vacation. And my puppy penpal who won’t write me back.

By the way, does anyone use the word hottie anymore? Or was that last used when LL Cool J was still cool? Who happened to be in a very vivid dream of mine the other night. I haven’t been keeping up with him in the last decade, but in my dream all of his muscles had liquified to fat and I spent the entire dream refusing his clumsy invitations to go get a drink. Frankly, it was exhausting. Sorry LL. I’m just not that into you.

On a more serious note, crashing back to reality is always difficult, and it’s particularly hard when you are confronted with the harshness of life – and death. My grandfather has been barely hanging on for awhile now, and while we were gone, his condition deteriorated considerably. Humans have an incredible ability to adapt, but the one thing you can never adapt to is the roller coaster ride of emotions as you cringe and wait for the inevitable.

I could write a lot more on the subject of grief, but I won’t. Not now anyway. Sometimes I think I will start a separate blog for that. Because THIS blog is a happy and lighthearted place, for me and hopefully for you.

And in that vein, my birthday is next month. And I only want one thing. Please, if any of you happen to have an extra one of these, send my way.


Until next time,



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